An ideal machine for easy operation that is perfect for smaller venues and DJs. The Z-800II can be controlled via wireless, timer or with the included remote while maintaining a rock-steady continuous output.Antari Z800 MK2 Smoke MachineAntari Z800 MK2 Smoke Machine

Antari Z800 MK2 Smoke Machine

"The Ultimate Mobility and Portability Fogger - Z-800II"

Z-800II, a cutting-edge technology designed by Antari is aimed to meet the demands of mobility and portability. An ideal machine for easy operation that is perfect for smaller venues and DJs. The Z-800II, whether controlled via wireless, timer or in stand-alone mode, features rock-steady continuous output. Z-800II can undertake a fast warm-up time less than 100 seconds and produces a steady, constant fog as long as you need without any reheating time in between.

This machine encompasses all technical aspects with par excellence performance and workmanship design. With its high efficient power control system, it now allows the fogger to operate at low-level temperature resulting in 20% less electricity than its previous model.

Z-800II sets the standard in the mobility/portability fogger range presented by Antari. A user-friendly device and a remarkable fog machine perfect for clubs, discotheques and small venues.

Antari Z-800II Features:

  • Power : AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
  • Heater : 800 W
  • Output : 3,000 cu.ft / min
  • First Heat-up Time : 1.5 min
  • Tank Capacity : 0.8 liters
  • Fluid Consumption Rate : 76 min / 0.8 liter
  • Weight : 3.5 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm) : L 315 W 128 H 165.5
  • Liquid Used: Antari FLR / FLG    [YES! - BSS sell smoke fluid]
  • Remote Included : Z-10 (Fogging Switch : ON/OFF)

  • Optional Accessories:

  • Z-40 (Timer Remote)
  • Z-50 (Wireless Remote)

  • Liquid
    The Z-800II will accept any of the following smoke fluids that BSS sells...

  • Stage Formula
  • Full Sented Range of Smoke Fluid
  • JEM Smoke Fluid

  • Smoke fluid is a liquid required for these machines to work. An average house party on a single night will consume around 1-2L of fluid keeping a small to medium sized room with a light mist of smoke.
    BSS does not recommend that the fluid be substituted with, or replaced with any other fluid as this can cause blockages, present unintended operations/malfunctions/damage to the machine or pose health risks to the people around the smoke.
    Smoke fluid will last up to 2-3 years in a well-sealed container away from any heat sources and direct sun light. BSS does recommend that the fluid be used as soon as possible after purchase for the best results.

    The fluid in smoke machines is not designed to be left in the machine for extended periods of time (more than 4 weeks) without being used. It can lead to blockages inside the heating element and can also become contaminated with other semi-solid particles that can block the small components of the machine.
    BSS recommends running the machine at least once a month for 3-4 minutes of continuous fogging or cleaning the machine with a cleaning solution.
    The cleaning solution can be made from 4 parts/800ml Distilled water to 1 part/200ml white vinegar. Do not use any other fluid including dishwashing fluid.
    Running around 1L of cleaning solution through the machine will help to break down any accumulated solids and ensure that it is clean and ready for use next time you get it out.
    BSS recommends performing the cleaning operation outside and away from open doors and windows to a house as the vinegar may be an undesirable scent.


    RRP AU$279.00 AUD$225.00


    Antari F80Z Smoke Machine

    The best selling and most reliable small fog machine on the market. With a 750 watt heater, this machine consumes 1L/2hours and has a 800mL tank capacity. Complete with a wired remote, this is the perfect Party Fogger for your bedroom or mobile DJ outfit.

    RRP AU$151.00 AU$125.00

    Antari Z1000 MK2 Smoke Machine

    Z-1000II dominates the entry-level Foggers with a high performance output to cover a large area fast. Optional timer remote

    RRP AU$576.00 AU$450.00

    Antari Z1000 Smoke Machine

    Medium sized smoke machine with cabled remote and 1L fluid

    from AU$38.50

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