Mordaunt Short Alumni PackageMordaunt Short Alumni PackageMordaunt Short Alumni Package

Mordaunt Short Alumni Package

Belying indredibly compact dimensions, Alumni is the latest in a long line of elegant Mordaunt-Short surround speaker systems. These stunning high-gloss designs utilise the company's forty year research and development expertise and truly make your movies and music come alive.


Mordaunt-Short's passion for innovative design and advanced voicing techniques means nothing takes the shine off Alumni's performance.


Alumni's small but perfectly formed cabinets blend seamlessly into any listening environment and come in two striking finishes - piano black and white high-gloss.


Alumni is designed so that each speaker integrates with the next to provide an expansive and truly engaging soundstage. Indeed, Alumni thrives on Mordaunt-Short's stereo speaker pedigree and is equally at home as a 2.1 set-up.


Alumni is an accessible way into high quality hi-fi and home cinema at an incredibly affordable price.


The Alumni 2 satellites benefit from an improved signal path via an upgraded crossover with low saturation inductors and polypropylene capacitors which reduce distortion and improve detail, integration and clarity. Alumni 2 profits from much of the technology present in some of Mordaunt-Short’s other loudspeakers such as Avant i and the flagship Performance range. The 25mm aluminium dome tweeter delivers elevated dynamic accuracy and razor sharp resolution while the CPC (Continuous Profile Cone) mid/bass drivers’ clean lines are fundamental to Alumni 2’s superior audio reproduction. Indeed, the uninterrupted cone surface ensures excellent rigidity and therefore minimal distortion.


One of the most interesting aspects of the design is the cabinet: Alumni’s curved shape discourages the build up of standing waves for a cleaner and more realistic sound. Improved internal wadding gives support where needed, inherently strengthens the speaker and most importantly helps critical damping.


Alumni 2 is Omnimount Ready™ and prepared to industry standards with pre-fitted mountings. Thanks to this inclusion, you can choose from numerous stand designs to suit your environment. Different styles are available from many manufacturers including Mordaunt-Short with its 300P floor stands or the fiendishly clever 300M wall brackets!


For the perfect finishing touch to your system Alumni 2 satellites have the option of dedicated Alumni speaker stands with integrated cable management which cleverly channel wires away.


Mordaunt-Short has been making compact speaker packages for nearly two decades and is an advocate of the necessity for a dedicated centre speaker design. This is ably demonstrated by both the award winning Genie and Premiere systems. The Alumni 5 centre speaker is critically voiced for the demands of dialogue in films which require crisp clean treble and high levels of detail for precise reproduction. But the centre is also adept at recreating a broad and open natural soundstage when playing music in surround.


The symmetrical D’Appolito (woofer-tweeter-woofer) configuration with two 3.5” mid/bass drivers has consistently been proven to provide the best power response and performance for speakers of this size. Like the satellites, the curved design reduces standing waves, as well as improving audio dispersion which makes positioning easier and less demanding. It is designed to be placed against a wall or under a TV for improved integration and impact. The centre also comes with an infinitely adjustable plinth.


Providing a tight and controlled bass to any movie soundtrack is the Alumni 9 digital subwoofer, a fact underlined by an extremely low frequency response. It uses a brand new 8” ultra long throw woofer, the latest in Mordaunt-Short’s illustrious line of subwoofer technologies. Alumni 9 delivers an impressive 120W of power and all from a remarkably compact cabinet. Indeed the subwoofer’s box is so small it blends seamlessly into any room.


The cabinet’s vent is carefully terminated for extremely low mechanical noise and distortion. Meanwhile, the downward firing port and forward firing woofer combine to produce a very clean response and reproduction of the lowest frequencies. Low level and high level inputs, phase control and volume/frequency filter complete this impressive sub. The Alumni 9 also comes with custom made feet to facilitate perfect operation in any environment.


For the perfect finishing touch to your system Alumni 2 satellites have the option of dedicated speaker stands with integrated cable management which cleverly channel wires away.


The stands are extremely discrete but also ensure your speakers have a firm base. Thanks to a hollow design speaker wire can be directed tidily from terminals to source equipment.


Alumni stands are the perfect way to get the most from your 5.1 set-up without impinging on your current listening environment.


RRP AU$1699.00 AUD$995.00

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